Over the last 35 years David Middlebrook has compiled a prolific collection of work. In addition to the ceramic work of his early years and the countless small stone and bronze sculptures, he has completed over 50 public and private commissions.

Public & Private
Site-Specific Works

Smaller Stand-Alone Sculpture
Ceramic Sculpture


Public & Private Site-Specific Works

28'x18'x12'  (2004)                                                            Gordon Park               
Marble and Bronze                                                           Milwaukee, WI

           This piece is a public commission for Gordon Park in the Riverwest community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From drawing to model and then reality, 18 months of work resulted in the completion of a massive archway that incorporates a series of images that reflect both the historical and ethnic fabric of Milwaukee as a community.
           The Iceberg anchors the piece and references the role these mammoths likely played in carving out what is now Lake Michigan. Perched on top of the iceberg, an anvil painted in classic 50's white enamel pays homage to the industrial revolution and economic  boom that this region experienced in the first half of the 20th century. The other half of the archway is formed by a column of basalt. Embedded in the sides of the column  are a collection of approximately 20 fingerprints- reproductions of prints taken from local members of the community that as a whole reflect the ethnic diversity of contemporary Riverside.  From the top of the column emerges a 'culture kit' or collection of icons referencing each of these ethnic communities in terms of significant contributions made to American society by each group. The two halves of the archway are spanned by a bronze tree branch- symbolizing the forces of nature that brought all of these elements together to create this thriving metropolis.


14' x 18' x 12'  (2000)
Marble and Bronze 
Private Estate Commission-
Palo Alto, California

This piece sits at the edge of the property, strategically placed in front of a hillside vista. It's image is reflected in a pool in front of the piece, accentuating the sky mural effect of the work.
       "MOON DANCE"

14' x 5' x 4'  (1999)
Marble, Granite and Bronze
Private Estate Commission-
Palo Alto, California

A semi-spehrical, granite element sits on top of a bronze column makes up the core of this work. This piece acts as the central focus in a courtyard garden outside the living room of the house.

20' 3" x 11' x 8'   (2000)
Basalt, Granite  & Bronze  

Across from Stanford Campus
Westin Hotel- Palo Alto, California

This piece sits in front of the hotel with clear visibility from the road. The naturalbasalt columns have been etched with images derived from pre-historic cave painting that reference the earliest foundations of human progress. The piece becomes more geometrically complex as the it progresses vertically- a metaphor for the evolution of technology.

20' x 24' x 10'      (1996)
North American Basalt, Cast patina Bronze  

De Anza College
Cupertino , California

The images used in this peice are a collection of native american cave paintings which are brought to life in a 3-D bronze collage that arches above stone elements. As the centerpiece of a circular courtyard in the heart of campus, this piece acts as a natural sundial- a feature that is consistent with the theme of the work in that the sun was an integral part of the largely agricultural native american societies that inhabited this region
        "PI 3.14"

19' 6"x 12' x 19"   (1993)
Basalt (16 Ton)  & Travertine 

Peublo Community College
Pueblo, Colorado

This piece stands in an ampitheatre just outside the architecture building. It references one of the basic fundamental mathematical tools that architects rely on- the number pi. The importance of this tool is echoed in the archways that surround the peice.

Approx. 7000 sq ft.   (1989)
Marble, Granite, carved and laminated anchored veneer.  

Renasance Tower (RJB Corp.)
Sacremento, California

This project involved creating a total sculptural environment within the lobby of  an office building. The stone relief and inlay covers the floor and all vertical surfaces- the shapes and patterns of the stone composition reference the stratification of the earth's interior and the fluidity of stone during its formation.


18' x 12' x 6"   (1989)
Marble, Granite  & Stone  

Terminal A Entrance
San Jose Intl. Airport
San Jose, California

This piece covers the wall opposite the ground floor entry to terminal A of the San Jose International Airport. An abstract interpretation of the Silicon Valley from the air. Travelers are confronted with a stone preview of what they are about to see from the air.


120' x 17' x 6'      (1996)
Cement Relief  

Bridge over HWY 80
Davis , California

A Celebration of the ancient cave and rock carvings of the extinct Native American tribes of Yolo County, California. This project involves petroglyph images, as redrawn and abstracted to create a bas-relief surface on both face walls of a cast concrete bridge on the approach road to a bridge over Highway80.

20' x 16' x 12'   (1989)
Basalt, Granite  & Bronze  

Kent County Corrections Facility, Seattle, WA

This piece stands gaurd at the entrance of the Kent county corrections facility. A metaphor for the circumastances in life which require us to choose a path, this piece begs the viewer to think about the raods taken to this point and the decisions that shape ones future.
       "SMALL WORLD "

19' x 15' x 10'      (1988)
Granite, Bronze, In-laid & Carved Stone  

University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

A 19' bronze spiral precariously cradles a cuboidal representation of the world. THe cube is intracately in-laid in stone and clearly reflects present day global geography. On the floor adjacent to the spiral sits a 5 ton, 5' diameter sphere. While the shape of this element clearly references the earth, the abstract interpretation of the world is a stark contrast to the literalism of the cuboidal earth.

14' x 18' x 12'  (2000)
Marble and Bronze 
Private Collection
San Jose, California

This piece sits in the backyard of a private estate. It forms an archway between two sculptural elements. The arch itself is a collection of abstract images that reflect the aesthetic of the residents.

12' x 7' x 18"      (2001)
Granite, Bronze  

Fujitsu Corporation
Sunnyvale, California

This piece sits in the lobby of North American Fujitsu headquarters. It is a wall mounted piece that incorporates the thumb-print of the CEO of the corporation as well as acollection of other abstract shapes and elements.




12' x 9' x 6'    (1996)

"SPAN 1"
4' x 3.5' x 2' (2002)


7' x 2' x 2' (2000)


3.5' x 18"x 18" (2001)


7' x 2'x 18" (2001)
3.5' x 3.5' x 2' (2002)

10' x 9' x 2'    (2000


2.5' x 2' x 8" (1999)

"SPAN 2"

3' x 3.5' x 2' (2002)


7' x 3' x 2'    (2000)


7' x 2.5' x 2' (1989)


4' x 12' x 5' (1988)


2.5' x 7' x 2' (1998)